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Large CNC Turning

The Advancement of Technology
CNC TurningThe CNC (Computer Numerical Control) guided process offers a level of speed and accuracy that has never been experienced before with conventional machinery. With the aid of modern computers and CAD/CAM systems which are able to make high speed calculations and precisely control tool movements, tolerances can be kept which were at one time unachievable. With these tools, modern machining companies are able to handle bigger projects at a quicker pace & better accuracy than was once attainable. These modern day advancements have brought speed and precision together, yielding better fitting and longer lasting parts produced more efficiently than ever before.
The Right Tools To Get The Job Done
Superior Machining is a company that offers CNC turning along with traditional turning depending on the client's demands. The machines are capable of handling parts up to a diameter of 256” (6.5m) and a height of 102”(2.6m) in a vertical configuration, while the horizontal process supports up to 50” (1.3m) diameter and 393” (10m) length. This capacity is enough for majority of industrial applications, such as heavy machinery parts or factory equipment. Through the use of multiple overhead cranes, with a maximum capacity of 66,000 lbs and 29 feet under the hook, Superior Machining is able to handle most projects with ease.
From Small to Large
But having such capacity does not limit the capability of Superior Machining to large projects. Superior Machining is able to turn large parts as well as smaller sub-components. The decades of experience that Superior Machining has accumulated allows them to tackle any project that comes their way with the confidence of completing on-time and to the highest quality standards.
Advantages of Quick Turnaround
Depending on a supplier to deliver on time is a critical issue for many manufacturers. A delay in one component can cause a whole assembly or project to come to a halt, sometimes costing a manufacturer large sums of money, and even worse, their reputation. Superior Machining has established a reputation for on-time delivery and quick turnaround, especially for emergency repair work. Parts delivered on schedule keep projects flowing as intended eliminating delays in implementation. The dependability and agility of Superior Machining also allows the clients to store less inventory since they know that the required parts can be ready on time, upon demand.
Delivering and Understanding Exactly What You Need
A distinguishing factor when comparing Superior Machining with other CNC machine shops is their understanding of product applications. Superior Machining's design consultation allows clients to bring in project ideas, and Superior Machining staff will consult on best design practices to facilitate machining or reduce manufacturing times. Whether it is an abstract concept or a physical object, the design staff is able to accommodate to the customer's needs with full knowledge and understanding of the application.
Talk to the Experts
In order to truly understand what Superior Machining & Repairs Ltd. offers, it would be best to take advantage of their commitment-free consultation & estimates. Potential clients may end up receiving valuable information on how to improve their product or reduce their manufacturing costs. To contact someone from Superior Machining, or to learn more about all the services that Superior Machining can offer, please visit their website.
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